Public and cultural buildings

Congress Hall, Augsburg

Restoration of the Congress Hall, Augsburg
General Indoor- and Outdoor Lighting Design

LPH 1-8

Architect: Schuller+Tham BDA, Augsburg

cultural centre Wolfgang-Eychmüller Haus, Vöhringen near Ulm

new construction: general lighting design concept for interior and outdoor areas
Design Phases 1 -8

Architect : Sprenger + Seidel, Munich

casino Zürichhorn, Bellerivestr., Zürich at the Zürich lake    
general reconstruction of a protected monument 
lighting design concept: lounge, restaurant, jazz bar, ball room, stage area, conference rooms, outdoor lighting

Design Phases 1-8

Architect :Silvana Gutjahr / KHS GmbH , Munich
Construction department: Kramer Gastronomie, Zürich

casino Bad Füssing
new construction
artificial lighting design concept:
casino, main gamble room, restaurant, design and conception of an special lamp for the gamble tables
Design Phases 1-8

Architect : Alexander Freiherr von Branca , Munich
Interior Designer : Karin Blum , Munich

cultural and educational centre, Unterhaching near Munich
lighting design concept: foyer, ballroom 
Design Phases 1 -8

Architect: Raupach + Schurk BDA, Munich

sculptur museum in the Hofberg , Landshut
Founder Prof. Fritz König, Landshut
plastical and graphical works, collection of african art, changing exhibition
lecture cycles and cultural events; artificial lighting design concept

Design Phases 1-6

Artist : Prof. Fritz König
Architect : Prof. Kurt Ackermann, Munich


Don Bosco jouth hostel, Benediktbeuern    
Reconstruction of the lighting complex:
lighting design concept of the sleeping rooms, corridors,
dining hall
Design Phases 1- 8
construction manager : Herr G. Lichtenstern, Benediktbeuren

Thüringer Hof, Leipzig
Reconstruction of the gastronomy and "Luther Room"
Design Phases 1-8
Architect : Alexander Freiherr v. Branca, Munich

Unionbräu (Löwenbräu), Einsteinstreet, Munich

Restauran:Wigerl Hagen
general lighting design concept for the gastronomy, Underground floor
with browery, conference – u. seminarrooms, stair case areas,
Restaurant: Owner Wigerl, Hagen
Interior Designer: Karin Blum, Munich

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