sacral buildings

Reconstruction of the church of our lady, Dresden
Reconstruction of the upper church,
General lighting design concept of the whole indoor rooms with
special lamps constructions,
Lightin Design Concept for the outdoor facade
Design Phases: 1-6

Arch. IPRO, Dresden
ARGE : d-lightvision / IB Bamberger

House St. Ulrich and Seminary, Augsburg   
artificial lighting design concept
BA I main entrance, foyer, conference- and  meeting rooms, corridors
BA II dining hall, restaurante
BA III Hotel- and costumer area
Design Phases 1- 5
Architect : SKW,  Munich
Interior Designer : Karin Blum, Munich

Bamberger Cathedral , Bamberg
general reconstruction     
Uunterground : crypta für 12 tombs, treasure chamber, Galleries
artificial lighting design concept: 1 -8

Architect : Alexander Freiherr v. Branca, Munich

Protestant church Gustav Adolf. Mellrichstadt      
general reconstruction
artificial and daylight lighting design concept for the interior
Design Phases 1- 8
Architect : Erich Reif, Mellrichstadt

FEG –München
Free protestant community Munich Central
Re- and new construction, 
artificial lighting design concept : stair cases with Main Hall
Design Phases 1- 8
Arch. Heym und Heym, Unterhaching

Protestant Academy Tutzing
general reconstruction
Lighting design concept : celebration hall, entrance hall, foyer, inner courtyard
Design Phases 1-8
Architect : Götz von Ranke, Gauting, Munich

Protestant national church Bavaria 
Head office in Munich 

artificial lighting design concept Design Phases 1 - 8
big conference room, conference and meeting rooms,
corridors, office rooms, Bauabteilung
Architect : Zielbauer  Bauabtlg.protestant national church,Bavaria

Protestant parish hall Icking /Ammersee
artificial and interior lighting design concept 
Design Phases 1-8
Architect: Römer, Neufahn near Munich

Katholic chuchr St. Michael, Vöhringen
artificial lighting design concept of the whole interior rooms
Design Phases  1-8
Architect: H. Wolf, Vöhringen

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